Volume 6

Volume consits of over 58 chapeters and covers the area of Berry Brow, Castle Hill, Hall Bower, Honley Chapelry Area, Armitage Bridge, Wood Bottom, and Steps Mill.

Berry Brow
Joseph of Berry Brow  & Hannah
Charles of Berry Brow & Hannah
Joseph of Berry Brow & Martha

Castle Hill
John of Lumb Lane & Martha
Tom of Almondbury & Ann
Joe of Broken Cross

Hall Bower
James of Hall Bower & Martha
Richard Beaumont of Steps
Samuel of almondbury & Martha
Thomas Walker Beaumont
John of Underbank & Mary
William Beaumont of Hulme

Joesph of Reins Line
Benjamin of Honley & Nancy
James of Pudsey & Elizabeth
George of Honley & Mary Ann
Abraham of Hall Bower v.5
James of Hall Bower & Mary
Thomas of Hall Bower
Other Beaumonts of Hall Bower

Armitage Bridge
Thomas of Armitage Bridge & Sarah
George of Armitage Bridge & Hannah
Joseph of Armitage Bridge & Ann

Steps Mill Beaumont
George of Steps Mill & Mary
John of Magdale
James of Honley
William of Close Hill & Hannah
Charles of Lockwood & Ellen

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