Charles Beaumont

Charles Beaumont                                           Mary Barlow
Son of Abraham Beaumont
Born 18 Mar 1813
Baptized 04 Sep 1817
In Penistone Parish

Married 05 February 1843
At St. Mary’s, Oldham


Ann                    born 06 Apr 1843        bap 09 Jul 1843         Died Mar 1918
William             born 1st Qtr 1846
James                born circa 1849
Nancy E             born 2nd Qtr 1850
Catherine          born 28 June 1852
Charles (twin)  born circa 1854
Mary (twin)      born circa 1854
Maria                 born circa 1856

Charles was born on 18 March 1813, the son of Abraham Beaumont of Thurlstone and his wife Ann Hobson.  He was baptized at Penistone Parish Church along with his sister Harriet and brother Samuel on 04 September 1817 when his parents lived at Belle Royd.  He moved with his family to Dukinfield where he was listed with them on the 1841 census.  His occupation was given as a cotton spinner.  Although his age on the census was rounded down to 25, Charles had, in fact, already had his 28th birthday.

            About two years after the census, Charles married a woman named Mary Barlow on 05 February 1843 at St. Mary’s in Oldham, and their marriage was then registered that quarter in Ashton.  Their first child, Ann, was born two months later in Ashton-under-Lyne in April 1843, followed by William, born in Failsworth in the first quarter 1846.  Charles and Mary’s next two children were James, born in Middleton, most likely in the first quarter 1849, and Nancy E., born in Middleton in the second quarter 1850.  Their places of birth trace Charles’s steady migration northward from Dukinfield, probably as he followed spinning jobs in the cotton mills.  In fact, the entire area was in the midst of a rapid expansion in the building of cotton mills.

            Charles and his family were listed on the 1851 census of Middleton living in a part of town described as:

All that part of the Township of Middleton which lies to the West of the turnpike road leading from Manchester to Rochdale, commencing at the bottom of Wood Street and comprising a part of Long Street, Chapel Street, Back Chapel Street, the northern part of Water Street, Pit Street, Foundry Street, and terminating at the bottom of Market Street. [Parliamentary Division South Lancaster] 

1851 Middleton Census, taken on 31 Mar
On Back Chapel Street, Folio 465+, page 27, #113 on schedule
Charles Beaumont    H   38  cotton spinner                     YKS Penistone
Mary Beaumont        W  34                                                  LAN Oldham
Ann Beaumont          D     7  nurse                                       LAN Ashton
William Beaumont   S      5  scholar                                    LAN Failsworth
James Beaumont      S      3                                                   LAN Middleton
Nancy Beaumont      D     11 months                                   LAN Middleton

            Charles and Mary’s next child was Catherine, born on 28 June 1852 at their house on Pit Street.  Catherine’s birth certificate stated that Mary’s maiden name was Barlow and described Charles as a piecer.
           Between 1852 and 1854 Charles moved back to Dukinfield where three more children were born:  Charles and Mary, probably twins whose births were registered in the 3rd quarter 1854; and Maria, born around 1856.  Early in January 1860, an infant named Abraham Beaumont, son of Charles Beaumont, a cotton spinner, died at Moorfield, Haughton, about two miles south of Dukinfield.  The child may have been Charles’s son.  Charles’s wife Mary also died around this time, perhaps in childbirth.  She would have been about 40 years old.
          When the census was taken in 1861, Charles lived in his old neighborhood in Dukinfield on Peel Street near his sister Catherine and her husband James Cartwright, who managed a cotton mill.  It’s likely that Charles and his brother-in-law worked in the same mill.  
The census described the district as:

All that part of Dukinfield contained in the Ecclesiastical District of St. Mark’s commencing at Jackson’s Grocer, top of Astley Street, to Peel Street, including Roy Street, Pleasant Street, yards, side streets, Taylor Street, Clay’s Houses and houses near at back, and that part of King Street to Commerce Inn.

1861 Dukinfield Census, taken on 08 Apr
On Peel Street, Folio 81, page 33, #215 on schedule
Charles Beaumont       H Wid   48  Cotton Spinner         YKS Thurlstone
Ann Beaumont             UMD      18                                      LAN Ashton
William Beaumont      UMS       16  Cotton Piecer           LAN Failsworth
James Beaumont              S         13  Cotton Piecer           LAN Middleton
Nancy E. Beaumont         D         11  Weaver                      LAN Middleton
Catherine Beaumont        D         9  Nurse                          LAN Middleton
Charles Beaumont            S          7                                       CHS Dukinfield
Mary Beaumont                D         7                                       CHS Dukinfield
Maria Beaumont               D         5                                       CHS Dukinfield

            On 25 September 1870 Charles remarried to a woman much younger than himself named Charlotte Garside.  Their marriage registration stated that she was single, the 39-year-old daughter of James Garside, and that Charles was the 57-year-old widowed son of Abraham Beaumont.  Charlotte had worked in the household of Charles’s brother George where she was listed on the 1861 census.

            When the 1871 census was taken, Charles’s sister Eliza and her husband James Rogers, who was unemployed, lived with him.  Charles had moved from Peel Street, and now lived in a district of Dukinfield described on the census as:

Commencing at Mr. Hadfield’s Hat Manufacturing to Mr. Garforth’s near Peats House, taking both side of Astley Street, Hopwood Street, Croft Street, Mill Street and back, Platt Street and back, Hadfield Street, Turner Street, and back of Endeavor Buildings, bye streets and yards, etc.

1871 Dukinfield Census, taken on 03 Apr
At #17 Hadfield Street, Folio 24+, page 2, #11 on schedule
Charles Beaumont        H            58  Cotton factory operative          YKS Penistone
Charlotte Beaumont     W           40  Cotton factory operative          CHS Dukinfield
Catherine Beaumont     UMD     18  Cotton factory operative          LAN Middleton
Charles Beaumont         UMS      16  Cotton factory operative          CHS Dukinfield
Mary Beaumont             UMD     16  Cotton factory operative           CHS Dukinfield
Maria Beaumont            D            14  Cotton factory operative           CHS Dukinfield
James Rogers                 M Brd   66  Laborer (out of employ)            LAN Ashton
Eliza Rogers                    M Brd   63  Laborer’s wife                              YKS Penistone

            By 1871, Charles’s son James had moved out and was lodging in the household of his sister Ann who had married Joseph Royle.  The census-taker’s instructions were to:
Commence at Mr. Graham’s house, top of Crescent Road to Horse and Jockey Inn, taking the west side of Crescent Road and yards, viz. Newton’s Court, Raines’s Yard, and including Hope Street, Astley Street, from Horse and Jockey to Mr. Hadfield’s “grocer” shop, Heaps Court, Hampson’s Yard, Lees Court, Brunswick Street, and Howard’s Court, Combermere Street, and Drury Court…etc. 

1871 Dukinfield Census, taken on 03 Apr
At #8 Brunswick Street, Folio 72, page 29, #172 on schedule
Joseph Royle            H            29  Butcher                         Stockport
Ann Royle                 W            28                                         LAN Ashton
James Beaumont     UM Lgr  23  Minder (cotton)         LAN Ashton

            Charles died late in 1880 and was buried at Dukinfield Cemetery on 11 December 1880 in the same grave, #762 in section B-1, with his sister Eliza Rodgers, who had preceded him in death only 10 days before.  The register of graves described Charles as a 67-year-old cotton blower of 495 Astley Street and stated that James Rodgers, Charles’s brother-in-law, had purchased the plot on 30 November 1880.

            The following year, Charles’s widow Charlotte was listed on the census, living on Astley Street quite near her sister-in-law, Catherine Cartwright, also a widow.  The district was described as follows:

All that part of the Township of Dukinfield UDS which comprises that part of the Ecclesiastical parish of St. Mark’s, commencing at Mr. Henry Haughton’s house and taking both side of Astley Street up to and including Mr. John Edward Lawton’s mansion, Hopwood Street, Hadfield Street, Croft Street, Mill Street and backyard, Platt Street and backyard, Turner Street, Clarendon Street, Messrs. Ridgeway, Beeley, and Lawton’s Mansions, bye streets and yards; Clarendon Street is also included in this district.

1881 Dukinfield Census, taken on 04 Apr
At #495 Astley Street, Page 15, folio 33, #90 on schedule
Charlotte Beaumont  H Wid 49        Cotton Weaver                        CHS Dukinfield

            In 1881, Charles’s son Charles, as well as his widowed brother-in-law James Rodgers, lodged with two spinster women.

1881 Dukinfield Census, taken on 04 Apr
At #13 Ashton Street, Folio 4, page 2, #8 on schedule
Margery Britner        UMH        48  Housekeeper                      CHS Hyde
Elizabeth Britner       UM Sis     41  Cotton weaver                    CHS Hyde
Charles Beaumont     UM Brd   26  General laborer                  CHS Dukinfield
Nancy Byron               UM Brd   40  Cotton weaver                    CHS Dukinfield
James Rodgers           Wid Lg     76  General laborer                  LAN Ashton u/L

            Charles’s son James had married a woman named Jane and had moved up the ranks in the cotton mill to become a minder.  In 1881 they lived in Dukinfield on Spencer Street with their young family. The neighborhood was described on the census as:

All that part of the Township of Dukinfield UDS which comprises that part of the Ecclesiastical parish of St. John’s, commencing at Mr. Edward Rynder’s office, top of Crescent Road (west side), to Astley Street, Hope Street, between Crescent Road and King Street, Raines’s Yard, Astley Street (south) from Crescent Road to King Street, Zetland Street, Whittaker’s Court, Combermere Street, Drury’s Court, Lee’s Court off Astley Street, Brunswick Street, Heap’s Court off Astley Street, King Street (east) from Astley Street to Pickford Lane, Dante Street, Mary Street, Market Avenue off Mary Street, and Chapel Street, bye streets and yards. 

1881 Dukinfield Census, taken on 04 Apr
At #9 Spencer Street, Page 32, folio 97, #194 on schedule
James Beaumont      H   32   Minder (cotton)        LAN Middleton
Jane Beaumont         W  30   Weaver                        CHS Dukinfield
Mary Beaumont        D     8    Scholar                       CHS Dukinfield
Frank Beaumont       S      6    Scholar                       CHS Dukinfield
Ada Beaumont          D      5                                         CHS Dukinfield
James Beaumont      S      2                                         CHS Dukinfield
Charles Beaumont    S      2 months                          CHS Dukinfield

            In 1891, Charles’s widow Charlotte was still alive, living just off Astley Street at #4 Brooks Court. 

1891 Dukinfield Census, taken on 06 Apr
At #4 Brooks Court (off Astley Street), Folio 33, page 5, #33 on schedule
Charlotte Beaumont     H Wid   59  Cotton weaver               CHS Dukinfield

            As well, Charles’s son James by his first wife Mary lived in Dukinfield on Crescent Road, together with his wife Jane and considerable family of children. 

1891 Dukinfield Census, taken on 06 Apr
At #117 Crescent Road, Folio 15, page 23, #161 on schedule
James Beaumont      H   42   Spinner mill hand (cotton)              LAN Middleton
Jane Beaumont         W  40                                                                  CHS Dukinfield
Mary Beaumont         D   18   Weaver mill hand (cotton)              CHS Dukinfield
Frank Beaumont        S    16   Spinner mill hand (cotton)              CHS Dukinfield
Ada Beaumont           D    15    Weaver mill hand (cotton)              CHS Dukinfield
James Beaumont       S    12   Weaver mill hand (cotton)                CHS Dukinfield
Charles Beaumont     S    10                                                                   CHS Dukinfield
Harold Beaumont      S      7                                                                   CHS Dukinfield
Lillian Beaumont       D     2                                                                   CHS Dukinfield

            Charlotte was 70 years old when the 1901 census was taken, and although living on her own means she was a visitor in the household of Elizabeth Norton and her son William.

1901 Dukinfield Census, taken on 31 Mar
At #1 Rainier Place, Folio 79, page 32, #190 on schedule
Elizabeth Norton         MH           27  cotton twiner & piecer      LAN Bardsley
William Norton             S                1                                                  CHS Dukinfield
Charlotte Beaumont   Wid Vstr  70  living on own means         CHS Dukinfield

            It was undoubtedly Charlotte’s death at age 80 that was registered in Ashton under Lyne in the March quarter of 1911.

Ann, daughter of Charles and Mary Beaumont

            Ann was the first child of Charles and his wife Mary Barlow, born late in April 1843, a few months after Charles and Mary married.

            She was listed with her parents on the 1851 census and again in 1861 when the family lived on Peel Street.  Then, when she was about 23 years old, Ann may have had a child born out of wedlock on 22 December 1866 whom she named Mary.  According to the Dukinfield Return of births pursuant to the 26th Sec. of the Elementary Education Act #1876, “Mary, daughter of Ann Beaumont [was] born 22 Dec 1866 at #11 Peel Street.”

            The following year, on 26 December 1867, Ann Beaumont of #11 Peal Street purchased grave #714 in section B-2 at Dukinfield Municipal Cemetery.  Two days later, her infant daughter Mary was buried there.  On 23 October 1869, another child, one-year-old Charles William Beaumont of #2 Howard Court was buried in the same grave.

            On 27 September 1868, Ann married Joseph Royle, the son of William Royle at Ashton-under-Lyne St James Church.  The church record stated that she was the spinster daughter of Charles Beaumont.  Their marriage was afterward registered in Ashton-under-Lyne in the third quarter of 1868. For some reason his name was mis-transcribed on their marriage certificate as William, although it was listed correctly on the church record and consistently on all the censuses as Joseph.  He was a butcher, who in 1861 had been boarding in the household of Mary Stansfield, also a butcher.

            Ann and Joseph were listed on the 1871 Dukinfield census with her brother James lodging with them. 

1871 Dukinfield Census, taken on 03 Apr
At #8 Brunswick Street, Folio 72, page 29, #172 on schedule
Joseph Royle            H             29  butcher                         Stockport
Ann Royle                 W             28                                         LAN Ashton
James Beaumont     UM Lgr  23  minder (cotton)          LAN Ashton

            Between 1871 and 1881 Ann bore Joseph three children: George, Catherine, and William.  When the 1881 census was taken, they lived at Town Lane in Dukinfield, and Ann’s younger sister Maria lived with them.

1881 Dukinfield Census, taken on 04 Apr
At #77 Town Lane, Folio 45+, page 7, #33 on schedule
Joseph Royle           H              39  butcher                       CHS Hazelgrove
Ann Royle                W              38                                       LAN Ashton
George Royle           S                  6  scholar                       CHS Dukinfield
Catherine Royle      D                 4  scholar                       CHS Dukinfield
William Royle         S                   1                                      CHS Dukinfield
Marie Beaumont    UM Sis IL  24  cotton weaver         CHS Dukinfield

            Ten years later Joseph and Ann were still at #77 Town Lane.  The 1891 census indicated that their son George now worked in the butcher shop alongside his father.

1891 Dukinfield Census, taken on 06 Apr
At #77 Town Lane, Folio 89, page 16, #105 on schedule
Joseph Royle            H   49  butcher                                   CHS Hazelgrove
Ann Royle                 W   48                                                  CHS Dukinfield
George Royle           S     17  butcher’s assistant                CHS Dukinfield
Kate Royle                D    15  cotton winder                        CHS Dukinfield
William Royle          S    12  scholar                                    CHS Dukinfield

            Joseph and Ann were aging when the next census was taken in 1901.  Kate and William still lived at home, and William was now a butcher as well.

1901 Dukinfield Census, taken on 31 Mar
At #77 Town Lane, Folio 65, page 4, #19 on schedule
Joseph Royle           H   59  butcher                                 CHS Hazelgrove
Ann Royle                W   57                                                  LAN Ashton-u/L
Kate Royle               D    24                                                  CHS Dukinfield
William Royle         S    21  butcher                                   CHS Dukinfield

            They still lived at Town Lane in 1911 with their daughter Catherine/Kate.  This census provided more detail, indicating that Ann had born 5 children of which two had died.  The family lived in a 5-room dwelling.

1911 Dukinfield census, taken on 02 Apr
At Town Lane, #415 on schedule
Joseph Royle                 H         69  butcher                    Hazelgrove
Ann Royle                      W        68                                     Ashton under Lyne
Catherine Royle           UMD   34                                     Dukinfield 
            It was most likely Ann Royal’s death at age 74 that was registered at Ashton under Lyne in the first quarter of 1918.

William, son of Charles and Mary Beaumont

            William was Charles and Mary’s first son, born during the first quarter of 1846 when they lived in Failsworth.  When he was about 22 years old William married a woman named Margaret Rimmer at Ashton-under-Lyne St. James Church on 05 January 1868.  The church record stated that he was the son of Charles Beaumont, and that Margaret was the daughter of William Rimmer.  Their marriage was afterward registered in the March quarter of 1868 at Ashton-under-Lyne.  {See William Beaumont of Attercliffe and Margaret, Volume 1.} 

James, son of Charles and Mary Beaumont

            James was the next child of Charles and Mary, born about 1849 when they lived in Middleton.  He was listed with his family on the 1851 and 1861 censuses, and in the household of his older sister Ann Royle in 1871.
            Late that same year, James married a woman named Jane, most likely Jane Nichols, as suggested by a marriage registration in the third quarter of 1871 in Ashton-under-Lyne.  They wasted no time in starting a family, and by 1881 she’d born him five children in the space of ten years.  Jane would produce two more children who survived and probably one who did not.  In all, they were:

Mary Beaumont      born 15 Sep 1872      bap 13 Oct 1872
Frank Beaumont     born 10 Jul 1874       bap 09 Aug 1874
Ada Beaumont         born 31 Mar 1876     bap 30 Apr 1876
James Beaumont     born 13 Oct 1878      bap 08 Dec 1878
Charles Beaumont   born 21 Jan 1881      bap 10 Apr 1881
Harold Beaumont    born 20 May 1883    bap 31 Jan 1886
Lillian Beaumont     born 26 Apr 1888     bap 03 June 1888

             The family was listed on the 1881 census in Dukinfield where James and Jane both worked in a cotton mill.

1881 Dukinfield Census, taken on 04 Apr
At #9 Spencer Street, Folio 97, page 32, #194 on census
James Beaumont      H   32  minder (cotton)                     LAN Middleton
Jane Beaumont         W  32  weaver (cotton)                      CHS Dukinfield
Mary Beaumont        D     8  scholar                                     CHS Dukinfield
Frank Beaumont       S      6  scholar                                     CHS Dukinfield
Ada Beaumont           D     5  scholar                                     CHS Dukinfield
James Beaumont       S      2                                                   CHS Dukinfield
Charles Beaumont     S      2 months                                    CHS Dukinfield

            1891 found James and Jane at 117 Crescent Road in Dukinfield with their family still intact, and James working as a spinner mill hand in a cotton mill.  The older children had evidently joined him at the mill.

1891 Dukinfield Census, taken on 06 Apr
At #117 Crescent Road, Folio 15, page 23, #161 on schedule
James Beaumont      H   42  spinner mill hand cotton           LAN Middleton
Jane Beaumont         W  42                                                          CHS Dukinfield
Mary Beaumont        D   18   weaver mill hand cotton           CHS Dukinfield
Frank Beaumont       S    16   spinner mill hand cotton          CHS Dukinfield
Ada Beaumont          D   15    weaver mill hand cotton           CHS Dukinfield
James Beaumont      S    12   weaver mill hand cotton           CHS Dukinfield
Charles Beaumont    S    10                                                          CHS Dukinfield
Harold Beaumont     S      7                                                          CHS Dukinfield
Lillian Beaumont      D     2                                                          CHS Dukinfield

            By 1901 James had risen to the position of cotton spinner overlooker, and all his children with the exception of young Lillian were involved in the textile industry.

1901 Ashton-under-Lyne Census, taken on 31 Mar
At #15 Crawford Terrace, Folio 152, page 37, #250 on schedule
James Beaumont      H      52  cotton spinner overlooker            LAN Middleton
Jane Beaumont         W     50                                                              CHS Dukinfield
Mary Beaumont    UMD   28  cotton weaver                                  CHS Dukinfield
Frank Beaumont    UMS   26  cotton spinner                                 CHS Dukinfield
Ada Beaumont       UMD   25  roller coverer in cotton mill          CHS Dukinfield
James Beaumont   UMS   22  cotton spinner                                  CHS Dukinfield
Charles Beaumont UMS   20  asst to cotton spinner                     CHS Dukinfield
Harold Beaumont     S       17  asst to cotton spinner                      CHS Dukinfield
Lillian Beaumont      D      12                                                                CHS Dukinfield

            James and Jane were still at Crawford Terrace in 1911 with three of their adult children living at home.

1911 Ashton-under-Lyne Census, taken on 02 Apr
At N˚ 15 Crawford Terrace, #347 on schedule
James Beaumont         H      62     cotton spinner master           LAN Middleton
Jane Beaumont            W     60                                                        CHS Dukinfield
Mary Beaumont       UMD   38                                                        CHS Dukinfield
James Beaumont      UMS   32     cotton mule minder               CHS Dukinfield
Lillian Beaumont      UMD  22     cotton mill roller coverer      CHS Dukinfield

            Meanwhile, it’s likely that James and Jane’s daughter Ada married George William Fielding during the last quarter of 1903, as indicated by a marriage registration in Ashton-under-Lyne.[49]  This couple was listed on the 1911 census with their two-year-old son, George Beaumont Fielding.

1911 Ashton-under-Lyne Census, taken on 02 Apr
At 14 Stamford Street, #248 on schedule
George William Fielding      H   37  secretary                               CHS Dukinfield
Ada Fielding                           W  35                                                  CHS Dukinfield
George Beaumont Fielding  S      2                                                  Ashton Under Lyne

            James and Jane’s son Charles married Ann Betts in the third quarter of 1906, as suggested by a marriage registration in Ashton-under-Lyne.  In 1911 they lived on Granville Street in Ashton-under-Lyne, still childless and both working 

1911 Ashton-under-Lyne Census, taken on 02 Apr
At 48 Granville Street, #365 on schedule
Charles Beaumont    H      30  mule spinner                     Dukinfield
Ann Beaumont         W     29    weaver                                Stalybridge

            As for James and Jane’s son Harold, he married Annie Eliza Vernals in the first quarter of 1908 at Ashton-under-Lyne.  Annie bore him a son they named Harold, and they were listed on the 1911 census.  Harold had completed and signed the census form and indicated that they lived at Cockbrook, Ashton-under-Lyne, which is a district slightly to the southeast of Ashton-under-Lyne.  Stamford Square is located quite close to Crawford Street where his parents lived, as well as Stamford Street where his married sister Ada lived with her husband.

1911 Ashton-under-Lyne Census, taken on 02 Apr
At 105 Stamford Square, #103 on schedule
Harold Beaumont           H   27  minder in cotton spinning room   CHS Dukinfield
Annie Eliza Beaumont    W  28                                                               STS Coseley
Harold Beaumont            S      4 months                                                Ashton-under-Lyne


Nancy, daughter of Charles and Mary Beaumont

            Nancy, born in the second quarter of 1850, was the second daughter of Charles and Mary Beaumont.  She was listed in her parents’ household as an infant on the 1851 census, and again in 1861 when she was 11 years old.

            On 14 September 1868 when she was 18 years old, Nancy married John Massey, son of William Massey, at St Michael’s Church in Ashton-under-Lyne.  The record stated that she was the daughter of Charles Beaumont and provided the name of John Massey’s father.  Their marriage was afterward registered in Ashton-under Lyne.  Three years later they were listed on the 1871 census living on King Street in Dukinfield.  Nancy’s grandfather Abraham Beaumont had lived on King Street in 1960 when he died.

1871 Dukinfield Census, taken on 03 Apr
At #7 King Street, Folio 22, page 38, #216 on schedule
John Massey            H      23  beerhouse keeper                 CHS Stockport
Nancy Massey          W     20  cotton weaver                        LAN Middleton

             After this time there is no further record of John or Nancy Massey.  John Massey may have died later that same year.  A death for a 23-year-old individual by that name was registered in Ashton-under-Lyne in the September quarter of 1871.  Research is ongoing to determine what became of Nancy.

Catherine, daughter of Charles and Mary Beaumont

            Catherine was born on 28 June 1852, and was listed with her parents on the 1861 and 1871 censuses.

            Early in 1875 when she was 22 years old Catherine married John Frith in the Ashton-under-Lyne district.  They must have moved away from Dukinfield almost immediately as indicated on the 1881 census by the place of birth of their first child Mary Ann.

 1881 Droylsden Census, taken on 04 Apr
At #3 Lees Street, Folio 99, page 34, #165 on schedule
Jno Frith                   H      27   laborer in brick pits             LAN Droylsden
Catherine Frith        W     28                                                    LAN Middleton
Mary Ann Frith        D        5   scholar                                    LAN Audenshaw
Emily Frith               D        2                                                     LAN Droylsden
Wm Frith                  S         1                                                     LAN Droylsden
Richd Battersley      Brd   18  knotter in cotton mill           LAN Droylsden

           John’s father had also been a brick maker, but was retired in 1891 when John and Catherine lived only a few doors away.

 1891 Droylsden Census, taken on 06 Apr
Folio 94+, page 8, #52 on schedule, At #298 Market Street
John Frith                 H   37  brick maker                           LAN Droylsden
Catherine Frith         W  38                                                  LAN Middleton
Mary A Frith             D   15  cotton reeler                          LAN Audenshaw
Emily Frith                D   12  cotton weavers helper         LAN Droylsden
William Frith            S    11  bricker in brickyard             LAN Droylsden
Maria Frith                D     9  school                                     LAN Droylsden
Catherine Frith         D     6  school                                     LAN Droylsden
Hannah Frith            D     4                                                   LAN Droylsden
Charles Frith             S      2                                                   LAN Droylsden
Nancy Frith               D      3 months                                   LAN Droylsden

            When the next census was taken in 1901, John was no longer involved in the brick-making business.  Instead he drove a locomotive.

 1901 Droylsden Census, taken on 31 Mar
At #317 Market Street
Folio 38+, page 23, #146 on schedule
John Frith                 H      47  engine driver loco                 LAN Droylsden
Catherine Frith         W     48                                                    LAN Middleton
Mary A Frith           UMD  25  reeler cotton                          LAN Audenshaw
William Frith         UMS   21  joiner                                        LAN Droylsden
Maria Frith               D      19  no employment hip disease  LAN Droylsden
Catherine Frith        D      16  maker up in towel ware+       LAN Droylsden
Hannah Frith           D      14  weaver cotton                           LAN Droylsden
Charles Frith            S       12  ½ time in brick field               LAN Droylsden
Nancy Frith              D      10                                                       LAN Droylsden
John Frith                S         7                                                       LAN Droylsden

            Catherine’s husband John died before the 1911 census when she was listed as a widow with most of her adult children.  It was most likely his death that was registered in Ashton-under-Lyne in the second quarter of 1906, giving his age as 52 years.

1911 Droylsden Census, taken on 02 Apr
At 380 Union Street, 267 on schedule
Catherine Frith      Wid    58                                                 LAN Middleton
William Frith         UMS   31           joiner                            LAN Droylsden
Catherine Frith        D       26          towel warehouse        LAN Droylsden
Hannah Frith           D       24          weaver cotton             LAN Droylsden
Charles Frith            S        22          cleaner loco                 LAN Droylsden
Nancy Frith              D       20          weaver towel               LAN Droylsden
John Frith                 S       17                                                  LAN Droylsden

Charles, son of Charles and Mary Beaumont

 Charles was one of a set of fraternal twins, born together with his sister Mary.  Their births were registered in the third quarter of 1854 in Ashton-under-Lyne.  Charles was listed with their parents on the 1861 and 1871 censuses, and in adolescence he worked in a cotton mill or factory.
By 1881 Charles’s father had died and young Charles had moved from his parents’ home to board in the household of two middle-aged spinsters, together with his uncle, James Rodgers, widowed husband of young Charles’s aunt Eliza Beaumont.  Eliza was the sister of Charles’s father Charles, who’d married James Rogers in 1849.

1881 Dukinfield Census, taken on 04 Apr
At N˚ 13 Ashton Street
Folio 4, page 2, #8 on schedule
Margery Britner       UMH          48  housekeeper                     Hyde
Elizabeth Britner      UM Sis       41  cotton weaver                   Hyde
Charles Beaumont    UM Brdr   26  laborer                               Dukinfield
Nancy Byrom             UM Brdr   40  weaver                               Dukinfield
James Rogers             Wid Ldgr  76  laborer                               Ashton under Lyne

            Sometime in the mid-1880’s, Charles immigrated to the United States, probably along with his twin sister Mary and her husband Robert Addison.  Information given on a later census would state that Charles arrived in the U.S. in 1887, and indeed a passenger list suggests that he arrived in the Port of New York on 19 May 1887 on board the City of Montreal from Liverpool.  An individual recorded as Chas Beaumont, age 32 and 10 months was listed in the passenger manifest.

            They settled in Fall River, Massachusetts, where both Charles and Robert Addison became naturalized citizens on 05 October 1892.  Charles’s naturalization certificate was #3037, and gave his date of birth as 28 July 1854.  The certificate gave his address as 83 Jefferson Street.

            When the 1900 census was taken, Charles lived in a boarding house.  Information given on this census stated that he had arrived in the United States in 1880, which was not true because he was listed on the 1881 census in Dukinfield.  This census also gave his date of birth as January 1858, also not true, and stated that he’d been married for two years.  Whoever was his wife, she did not seem to be present.

1900 Massachusetts Census, taken 14 Jun
Fall River, Bristol County
At 220 Davis Street, dwelling 133, family #370
Ann Lambert             UMH         40  boarding house                       England
Charles Beaumont    M Brdr      42  laborer in mill yard                England

            Ten years later, Charles still boarded with Ann Lambert.  The census stated that she was still single, but that he was still married.  Research is ongoing to determine who his wife was.  This census stated that Charles arrived in the United States in 1887.

 1910 Massachusetts census, taken 18 Apr
Fall River Bristol County,
At 205 Albion Street, dwelling 26, family #56
Ann Lambert             UMH         55  boarding house                   England
Charles Beaumont    M Brdr      55  city laborer                          England
James Horroks         Wid Brdr   45  spinner                                 England

Mary, daughter of Charles and Mary Beaumont

            When Mary bore Charles a set of twins in 1854, they named them for themselves: Charles and Mary.  Young Mary was listed in her father’s house in 1861 and 1871.  Early in 1881 she married Robert Addison, their marriage being registered in Ashton-under-Lyne in the March quarter.[71]  When the census was taken the following month, they were listed only two households away from Mary’s older sister Catherine and her husband John Frith.

1881 Droylsden Census, taken on 04 Apr
On Market Street
Folio 99, page 34, #168 on schedule
Robert Addison       H      24  bobbin turner                    CUM Carlisle
Mary Addison          W     26                                                CHS Dukinfield

            Robert Addison was most likely the son of Robert Addison, a cotton weaver, and his wife Ann listed on the 1861 Longtown, Cumberland, census when he was 6 years old.  Young Robert had a younger brother, Peter, born about 1860.

            Robert’s brother Peter lived in Dukinfield in 1881, a lodger in the household of John Coward.  Peter was a bobbin turner, the same as Robert.

 1881 Dukinfield Census, taken on 04 Apr
At #1 Turner Street
Folio 38, page 25, #159 on schedule
John Coward            H      50  coal carrier                          WST Troutbeck
Alice Coward            W     45                                                 CUM Longtown
Mary Coward            D      20  cotton weaver                     CUM Longtown
Mary E Coward        D      17  cotton weaver                       CUM Longtown
Jane Coward             D      13  cotton weaver                      WST Ambleside
Alice Coward             D      10  scholar                                  CUM Cockermouth
Richard McMillan    UM Lgr  23  bobbin turner              CUM Longtown
Peter Addison           UM Lgr  19  bobbin turner               CUM Longtown

            No further record of Robert and Mary Addison, nor of Peter, has been located in England.  However, immigration records show that Peter Addison, age 28, arrived in Boston from Liverpool on the SS Michigan on 08 May 1890.

            The 1892 United States Naturalization Records indicate that Robert Addison, born 24 September 1856 in England, and residing at 28 Russell Street in Fall River, MA, was granted citizenship on 05 October 1892 by virtue of certificate #3036.

            A married couple named Robert and Mary Addison, both of English birth, lived in Massachusetts in the United States when the 1900 census was taken.  Although their ages were inconsistent with those given on the 1881 Droylsden census, Robert’s occupation was correct.  A younger brother named Peter Addison lived with the Massachusetts couple in 1900, which lends support to the likelihood that they were in fact Robert and Mary Addison from the 1881 Droylsden census.

            The 1900 census indicated that the couple had immigrated to the United States in 1885 and that they’d been married for 15 years.  Robert’s birth month and year were given as April 1852 and Mary’s as April 1850.

1900 Massachusetts Census, taken on 21 Jun
Bristol County, City of Fall River
At #80 Russell Street, #352 on schedule, line 31
Robert Addison        H      48  bobbin maker                       England
Mary Addison          W      50  cotton weaver                       England
Peter Addison          Bro   38  bobbin maker                        England

             Robert and Mary were listed on the 1910 Massachusetts census, still living in Fall River.  This census gave both their ages as 55 and stated they’d immigrated to the United States in 1887.  The census further stated that they’d been married for 28 years and that Mary had born two children neither of which had survived.

1910 Massachusetts Census, taken on 27 Apr
Bristol County, Fall River
At #407 Jefferson Street, dwelling #96, family #221, line 40
Robert Addison        H      55  bobbin turner in bobbin shop          England
Mary Addison           W     55  cloth inspector in cotton mill           England

            The 1920 census gave their year of immigration as 1888 and stated that they both became naturalized citizens in 1894.

 1920 Massachusetts Census, taken on 10 Jan
Bristol County, Fall River
On Jefferson Street, #147 on schedule, dwelling #94, family #147, line 87
Robert Addison       H      65  bobbin shop                      England
Mary Addison          W     64                                               England

Maria, daughter of Charles and Mary Beaumont

            Maria, born about 1856, was the youngest of Charles and Mary’s children.  She was listed in Charles’s household on the 1861 census, and again in 1871 after he remarried.  Maria had been less than five years old when her mother died.  By 1881 Charles had died and rather than live with her stepmother, Maria lived in her oldest sister Ann’s home.

            Maria was in her mid-twenties when she married late in 1883 to John William Harrison.  Their marriage was registered at Ashton-under-Lyne in the December quarter of that year.  John was a cotton spinner, and they settled in Dukinfield on Old Hall Street where they were listed on the 1891 census with their children.

 1891 Dukinfield Census, taken on 06 Apr
At #11 Old Hall Street
Folio 23, page 40, #236 on schedule
John W Harrison     H      31  cotton spinner                   CHS Dukinfield
Maria Harrison         W     34                                               CHS Dukinfield
Etty Harrison            D       7  scholar                                 CHS Dukinfield
Charles Harrison      S        5  scholar                                 CHS Dukinfield
Edward Harrison     S        3                                                 CHS Dukinfield
Ann Harrison            D        8 months                                 CHS Dukinfield

            John may have been put out of work sometime in the following years, for by the next census he worked as a laborer.  The family still lived on Old Hall Street, but the county boundaries had been redrawn.  Where they had previously lived in Cheshire, the same address was now in Lancashire.

 1901 Dukinfield Census, taken on 31 Mar
At #11 Old Hall Street
Folio 7, page 5, #21 on schedule
John Wm Harrison  H      41   laborer                               CHS Dukinfield
Maria Harrison         W     44                                               CHS Dukinfield
Hetty Harrison          D      17   weaver in cotton mill      CHS Dukinfield
Charles Harrison      S       15   laborer                               CHS Dukinfield
Edward Harrison      S       13   piecer in cotton mill       CHS Dukinfield
Ann Harrison            D      10                                                CHS Dukinfield
Sarah Harrison         D        6                                                CHS Dukinfield
Mary Harrison          D        3                                                CHS Dukinfield

            In 1911, John completed the census form in a clear and neat handwriting, signing the form at the bottom of the page.  He stated that he and Maria had been married for 26 years and that they’d had six children, all of whom were still alive.  John worked as a lead plate moulder in what he termed the accumalater works, which may have been some sort of industrial enterprise that held hot water under pressure to release as steam.

1911 Dukinfield census, taken on 02 Apr
At N˚ 9 Longsden Terrace, 143 on schedule
John William Harrison   H       51  lead plate moulder                           CHS Dukinfield
Maria Harrison                W       53                                                               CHS Dukinfield
Edward Harrison         UMS     22  general laborer/railway works      CHS Dukinfield
Ann Harrison                  D         20  weaver/cotton                                  CHS Dukinfield
Sarah Harrison               D         16  weaver/cotton                                   CHS Dukinfield
Mary Harrison                D         13  weaver/cotton                                   CHS Dukinfield

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