Beaumont Family History

Beaumonts of Yorkshire

Joseph son of Abraham & Ann
Born circa 1796
Baptized in Penistone 27 June 1796
Died 09 September 1871, age 75,
on Florence Street, Darnall, Sheffield
Buried 12 September 1871 at Darnall Cemetery
Hannah Roebuck, daughter
of Amos and Mary Roebuck
Born circa 1796
Baptized in Thurlstone, 20 May 1797
Died 09 November 1850, age 54
Buried 12 November 1850
in Penistone churchyard


19 Dec 1819
11 Nov 1898
06 May 1824

Feb 1837
09 Jan 1841
24 Jan 1841
01 Jul 1922
31 Aug 1818
19 Sep 1820
circa 1823
25 Dec 1824
26 Jan 1827
19 May 1829
25 Sep 1832
18 Feb 1835
18 May 1838
21 Aug 1842

Notes Joseph Beaumont was born in Yorkshire, England, between April and September 1796, the son
of Abraham Beaumont of Thurlstone and his wife Ann, formerly Hobson, and was baptized in Penistone
Parish on 27 June 1796. His exact place of birth was most likely Moor Royd or High Flatts, both in the
nearby township of Denby.

Over the next seventeen years following Joseph's birth, his parents Abraham and Ann produced twelve more children. In 1813, the family lived at Belle Royd, a small cluster of whitewashed stone cottages and farmhouses that had once been the private residence of several Quaker families. Belle Royd, situated in a copse of trees beside what is today Scout Dike Reservoir, was located between High Flatts and the village of Thurlstone in Penistone Parish north of Sheffield.

On 10 May 1818, when he was about 22 years old, Joseph married Hannah Roebuck. Their marriage
registration stated that they were wed "with consent of guardians..." which differed from most other marriage registrations which said, " with consent of parents...." This peculiarity would imply that Hannah's father may already have been dead. In all likelihood Hannah was the daughter of Amos Roebuck and his wife Mary, formerly Taylor. Indeed, Amos Roebuck had died in January 1809, nine years before Hannah was married. Enoch Roebuck, who was probably Hannah's uncle, signed the marriage registration as a witness after Hannah had signed and Joseph had made his "X"-mark.

Joseph, hereinafter referred to as Old Joseph for reasons which will soon become apparent, and Hannah lived for the first several years of their marriage with his parents at Belle Royd. Their first child, George, was born therein August 1818, within months of their marriage. The child lived for a little over one year, and died in December 1819. There followed Isaac, born in 1820 at Belle Royd, then Samuel,Mary, Harriet, Eliza, Joseph Junior, Abraham, and Mark, all born on New Street in Thurlstone.

New Street was a brisk five-minute walk downhill on Folly Lane from Belle Royd. Because Old Joseph was afancy weaver, the family probably lived in one of the weaver's cottages adjacent to what would become, in 1828, the Particular Baptist's Church. And when the births of Joseph and Hannah's children were registered in 1832, their names were inscribed in the Particular Baptist's Book of Births. The Particular Baptists began recording the births of members children in 1832. At that time, only the names of living children, along with their birth date, were registered in the Book of Births. For this reason, the names of Joseph and Hannah's children who'd been born and died prior to 1832 were not recorded.

Those children were George and Samuel. The 1841 Thurlstone Census located the family still living on New Street, but the names of four children were missing from the census list. They were Harriet, Joseph Junior, young Abraham, and Mark. Harriet, who would have been 14 years old by this time, may have been away from home, working in service as a live-in house-helper. But Joseph Junior had died. Recorded in the Penistone parish burial registers for 1837 was the following: "Joseph Beaumont of Thurlstone, Feb 27, 1837, age 4 years [buried by] Samuel Sunderland."
Also deceased were young Abraham, who had died of scarlet fever at age 5 on 09 January 1841,
as well as Mark, probably also deceased from scarlet fever.

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